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Top 5 UberSELECT Toronto Cars 2018

UberSelect is ubers premium ride sharing option in Toronto,
Ontario. Vehicles on this high end selection are guaranteed to
be of certain class. Mainly catering to special events, special
evenings or just to show off 🙂 We are thrilled to have
available all of the Top 5 UberSelect cars in Toronto. Call or visit
to find your super sleek chariot.

UberSELECT Toronto Rate Chart

Eligible UberSELECT Vehicles


#1 – Lexus ES 350

Our choice for the best overall vehicle is the 2011  and newer Lexus ES350. Rated by JD Powers and KBB as one of the worlds most reliable compact premium vehicle of 2016. RightCar loves the option to use Regular Fuel and still get up to 28 mpg. Alternatively, the ES350 is not as sporty as its competitors, nor does it come with all wheel drive.

RightCar Rating: Price – RRRRR. Priced extremely well considering reliability and resale value.

Reliability – RRRRR. Gifted with some of the lowest cost of ownership numbers in North America, The Lexus ES350 is a well priced no brainer 🙂

Styling – RRRR. Admittedly not the most stylish of its class. We love the Mark Levinson 14 speaker audio system and the ventilated front seat option.The 2013 model offers considerable styling improvements.

#2 – Lexus GS350

The Larger more luxurious option the Lexus GS350 is our #2 Uber Select Toronto choice. For 2013 Lexus completely changed the GS. It is now the sharp muscular luxury sports luxury sedan it should have been from day one. The all wheel drive in Black, White or Grey would be our recommended choice.

RightCar Rating: Price – RRR. An appropriate premium price considering its resale value and option list.

Reliability – RRRR. As usual, bullet proof reliability. Lexus continues with some of the lowest cost of ownership with the Lexus GS series.

Styling – RRRR. For 2013 Lexus has hit it out of the park. The styling now matches the muscle. An extraordinary choice in its or any class that includes sport and luxury vehicles.

#3 – Acura TLX 2.4cl

Acura’s premium offering designed to replace the Acura TL and TSX. A solid choice with great reliability, premium cushy comfort and solid reliability. Best choice for Toronto is the 2.4l Automatic, in black, white or grey.

RightCar Rating: Price – RRRR. Middle of the road for pricing. Great resale value.

Reliability – RRR. The Civic generally has good reliability. When you add a bucket full of fancy features, their issues will eventually bubble to the surface.

Styling – RRR. We love the Acura TLX futuristic approach. Its not exactly for everyone and its interior may be slightly cramped for some clients.

#4 – BMW 328i x-Drive

For 2012, BMW introduced a 2.0 Turbo with 20 mpg. Class leading fuel economy combined with an incredible driving experience. While we do love its styling, but ultimately it will be your customers why may come away with cramped feed and a sore butt. We recommend black, white or gray for this BMW.

RightCar Rating: Price – RR. One of the strongest priced vehicles in its segment, the BMW 328i is definitely a premium option for any Uber driver.

Reliability – RRR. BMW generally fairs average in terms of reliability. This models spec sheet should bring it slightly above average compared to other 3 Series brothers and sisters.

Styling – RR. 2012 Styling is sharp and contemporary. This Bond esque ride will easily instill confidence with every ride you pickup. Opt for the Navigation to gain style brownie points and greater resale value.

#5 – Loncoln MKZ

While the Lincoln shares the same platform as the Ford Fusion, it has moved up in JD Power Dependability study. It is currently tied with the Lexus ES 350. We recommend the 240-hp 2.0-liter four cylinder turbo. Your uber clients will love its quiet comfortable ride. You will love its fuel economy, reliability and price. We recommend black or white for this model.

RightCar Rating: Price – RRR. Considering its competition, the MKZ is a ride share bargain. $37,825 MSRP, or less than $15,000 pre owned

Reliability– RRR. Were not completely satisfied but JD Power is very thorough on their studies. For 2012 the MKZ has won eight segment awards. That’s more than any other automaker. This brings it to a tie with the Lexus ES 350.

Styling – RR. We love the 2017 styling. Unfortunately the previous models feel like a hot dog with not toppings. A little boring. Your riders may feel the same.

What you need to know about UberSelect Cars

-Vehicle must be 2009 or Newer.

-Interior must have leather ONLY.

-Must have Minimum 4 doors.

-Must have Minimum 5 seatbelts.

UberSelect Driver Requirements

-All drivers must pass a background check (5-7 days).

-All drivers must be minimum 21 years of age.

-All drivers must have a valid G Ontario License.

UberSelect Documents Required

-Drivers License

-Photo of yourself (headshot, shoulders + face visible)

-Ontario Vehicle Ownership.

-Ontario Vehicle Insurance policy in your name.