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Top 5 UberSELECT Toronto Cars 2018

Considering driving for Uber part time or full time in Canada?. Not sure about which vehicle to purchase. Need Financing or Lease to Own options? RightCar is Canada’s first and leading car sharing dealership. Feel free to contact us for the latest information, vehicles and programs. Regardless of income or credit level, RightCar has programs specifically tailored for RideShare financing.

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UberX Toronto Car Requirements 2018

Toronto UberX Vehicle Requirements:

  •  4-door vehicle
  •  4 Available seats (5 passenger)
  • No Large vans or Large trucks
  • No Marked Vehicles such as taxi cabs, government cars, or commercial wraps.

Most Common UberX Vehicles:

BMW – 3-series, X5, 5-series

Chevrolet – Cruze, Equinox, Impala

Chrysler – 200, 300

Dodge – Charger, Journey, Grand Caravan, Ram 1500

Ford – Focus, Fusion, Edge, Escape, F-150

Honda – Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit

Hyundai – Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, Santa Fe, Tucson, Accent

Jeep – Wrangler, Patriot, Grand Cherokee

Kia – Forte, Optima, Rio, Sorento

Lexus – RX, ES, IS

Mazda – Mazda3, CX-5, Mazda5, Mazda6

Mercedes-Benz – C-Class, GLK-Class, M-Class

Mitsubishi – Lancer, RVR

Nissan – Altima, Rogue, Sentra, Versa, Murano

Subaru – Impreza, Forester

Toyota – Corolla, Camry, Highlander, Matrix, Prius, Rav4, Sienna, Venza

Volkswagen – Jetta, Passat, Golf, Tiguan

#1 – Honda Civic EX-L

The Civic as a used car is the best pound per pound value in the market for an Uber ride . If you decide to rock UberX your wont be disappointed. With the 1.8L 4cl 140hp engine fuel economy is excellent. We recommend black or white with leather for this model.

RightCar Rating: Price – RRRR. Considering reliability  and resale value, the civics price is a bargain. Buy one pre owned to maximize value.

Reliability– RRRR. JD Power has the Civic ranked above average. Just because its power train is not futuristic doesn’t mean it isn’t reliable.

Styling – RRR. We find Honda hasn’t stepped up in terms of styling. They opted for cheaper materials on the interior. While the exterior keeps its razor sharp modern appeal.[fblike]

#2 – Toyota Prius

Combining decent comfort, bullet proof reliability, incredible resale value and good looks. The Toyota Prius has our hearts and wallets for 2016. If your considering buying the perfect UberX car, consider the Toyota Prius 2009 and newer. While more expensive than the Honda Civic, reliability and resale value are class leading.


#3 – Toyota Corolla XR/XRS

The Toyota Corolla as long been one the most reliable compact vehicles in automotive history. Where is lacks in wow and pzazz, it easily makes up in reliability and cost of ownership. We prefer the 1.8L 4cl although the 2.4l is just as reliable but does offer poorer fuel economy. We recommend black, white or grey with leather if available.

RightCar Rating: Price – RRR. Excellent reliability  and resale value. The corolla will always have your driving. Buy one pre owned to maximize value.

Reliability– RRRR. Second to none when it comes to its reliability. Rarely have we ever heard of any catastrophic events plaguing this model. Easy to buy and easy to own.

Styling – RRR. We find the corolla styling to be a little bla. Not terrible, but just a little too safe.


#5 – Hyundai Elantra 2011 +

At RightCar we’ve driven dozens of Elantra’s. We are still stunned at the styling every time we get in one. The 2012 and newer model has a best in class look appeal. Guaranteed to win over most riders. We recommend black or white with leather and moon roof if possible.

RightCar Rating: Price – RRRRR. Considering reliability the price point for the Hyundai Elantra is a bargain. Buy off lease for the best bang for your buck.

Reliability– RRR. JD Power has the Elantra ranked above average. As it should be, the 1.8L doesn’t have much hp, but it does cost very little to maintain.

Styling – RRRR. At this price point we find that the Hyundai Elantra is the best choice if styling is your thing. We love the swept back design and elongated lights. This interior is very well designed for its class. [fblike]

Uber: What you need to know

Q: Am I insured?

A: As you already know, every uberX ride is covered by Intact insurance. You will also require a personal policy when driving for Uber. Every ride is also backed by $2 Million of Uber’s contingent coverage for bodily injury and property damage to third parties. Across over a million uberX rides a month, insurance on uberX is in place and keeping all parties safe and protected.

Uber has recently partnered with Intact. UberBLACK, UberSUV, or uberTAXI rides in Ontario provided by commercially licensed and insured partners and drivers are covered by commercial insurance policies, in accordance with provincial and local requirements.

Q: What Do I do in case of an Accident?

A: Contact Uber  by email as soon as possible. Uber has a dedicated accident team will assist you with every step to get you back on the road. Uber will assist right through until the claim is completed.

Q: Is Uber Legal?

A: Yes. In June 2015, the Ontario Superior court ruled that Uber is operating legally and always has been.

Q: Should I pay Tax?

A: Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) rules require any independent contractor who earns more than $30,000 in a calendar year and over the last four consecutive calendar quarters to collect and remit HST. As an independent contractor in Ontario, you are responsible for registering and remitting any applicable taxes on the services you offer. If you fall below this threshold, as most part-time uberX drivers do, you qualify as a “small supplier” and do not have to collect HST. Please visit the CRA website for more information.

During tax season, Uber will send you an earnings summary for your records. Last year we also partnered with H&R Block to provide partners a discount on tax service.

Uber Toronto Changes since 2015:

  1. UberSELECT minimum fare decreased from  $10 to  $7.50 – 10/21/16
  2. uberWAV cost per km increased from $0.80 to  $0.81 – 9/16/16
  3. uberASSIST cost per km increased from  $0.80 to $0.81 – 9/16/16
  4. uberX cost per km increased from $0.80 to  $0.81 – 9/16/16
  5. New car service! Toronto launched uberACCESS – 9/16/16
  6. uberWAV service fees increased from  $1.50 to  $2.50 – 7/22/16
  7. uberASSIST service fees increased from  $1.50 to  $2.50 – 7/22/16
  8. SELECT service fees increased from  $1.50 to  $2.50 – 7/22/16
  9. uberXL service fees increased from  $1.50 to  $2.50 – 7/22/16
  10. uberXL minimum fare increased from  $6.50 to  $7.50 – 7/22/16
  11. uberX service fees increased from  $1.50 to  $2.50 – 7/22/16
  12. uberX minimum fare increased from  $4 to  $5 – 1/22/16
  13. uberWAV service fees increased from  $0 to  $1.50 – 1/12/16
  14. uberWAV cost per km decreased from $1.74 to  $0.80 – 1/12/16
  15. uberWAV cost per minute decreased from  $0.50 to  $0.18 – 1/12/16
  16. uberWAV minimum fare increased from  $4.25 to  $5 – 1/12/16
  17. uberWAV base fare cost decreased from  $3.25 to  $2.50 – 1/12/16
  18. New car service! Toronto launched UberWAV – 1/7/16
  19. uberSELECT service no longer offered – 1/6/16
  20. New car service! Toronto launched SELECT – 1/6/16
  21. KITTENS service no longer offered – 10/29/15
  22. New car service! Toronto launched KITTENS – 10/29/15
  23. uberACCESS service no longer offered – 10/15/15
  24. WINTER service no longer offered – 9/26/15
  25. New car service! Toronto launched WINTER – 9/25/15
  26. New car service! Toronto launched EATS – 9/22/15
  27. uberXL service fees increased from  $1 to  $1.50 – 8/17/15
  28. uberXL minimum fare increased from  $6 to  $6.50 – 8/17/15
  29. uberXL service fees decreased from  $1.50 to  $1 – 8/16/15
  30. uberXL minimum fare decreased from  $6.50 to  $6 – 8/16/15
  31. uberXL service fees increased from  $1 to  $1.50 – 8/16/15
  32. uberXL minimum fare increased from  $6 to $6.50 – 8/16/15
  33. uberXL service fees decreased from  $1.50 to  $1 – 8/13/15
  34. uberXL service fees increased from $1 to  $1.50 – 8/13/15
  35. uberX minimum fare increased from  $3.50 to  $4 – 8/10/15
  36. uberSELECT service fees increased from  $1 to CA $1.50 – 8/4/15
  37. uberX service fees increased from  $1 to  $1.50 – 8/4/15
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